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To begin with, the employer and the Amco Enterprise Limited should execute an agency agreement between them stating adequately the terms and conditions regarding the demand and supply of manpower from Bangladesh. This agreement should be signed by both the parties towards acceptance of stated terms and Conditions upon which the demand will be executed.


Understanding You Needs


We study the client requirement and discuss the details with their representative to obtain a complete Understanding of the needs. We work closely with our client, to clearly understand what their actual requirement is, so that we can grow our business relationship further. Then we ask the clients to submit necessary documents Discussed below under the heading Employer’s part.

Employer’s Part

  • Power of Attorney

The employer / principal will issue a power of attorney to the Amco as a true & lawful attorney and agent in Bangladesh in respect of handling all the affairs with Bangladesh Government in respect of Recruitment on behalf of the employer / principal.


  • Demand Letter


The employer/principal will formally issue a demand letter in favor of Amco stating the job Categories, a number of workers required in each category, monthly salary, duty hours, duration of contract and Other amenities for workers such as food, medical, transport, air passage, accommodation and other benefits.


  • Visa Documents


Please note that, this particular requirement of document is only applicable for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The employer / principal will provide visa documents (Okala) by which the Government of the employing Country allows the employer/principal to recruit such workers from Bangladesh. It shall be in original and Authenticated, which will be accepted by the respective embassy.


  • Company Registration (CR) Copy

Please note that, this particular requirement of document is only applicable for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A photocopy of the company registration is required.

  • Consular Letter

Again please note that, this particular requirement of document is only applicable for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A letter addressing the Consular Amco of the recruiting country to allow recruitment of candidates from
Bangladesh as per demand letter against the stated visa blocks number.


  • Employment Agreement


Copies of standard employment contract between employer and employee are required.

  • Agency Agreement

The employer and Amco should sign an agency agreement with all the terms and conditions Which will be the guide for both the parties. Authorization Letter, P/A and Demand Letter should be in original,
duly sealed & signed by the sponsor or authorized person & attested by Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Upon receipt of all necessary documents mentioned above, Amco will be able to deploy the Recruited persons to the destination of the employer within 14-45 days’ time subject to availability of seats in Airlines concerned


The pre-selection Process
The pre-selection process involves advertisements in local mass media in order to inform potential applicants About the jobs or contract at hand. In many cases, Amco tends to draw on its preexisting pool of applicants and potentials either from returning contracts abroad or those in a waiting list for a new job. Plus, Amco has an extensive computer data base of all present & probable future applicants who come from all walks of life with different skills and qualities. The whole pre-selection process is run by our own recruiting manager and executives based on following criteria:

  • Capability
  • Competency
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Finishing of job and quality of job performed.


Selection & Deployment Process


  • Final Selection

We always prefer selection of applicant either by oral or practical test to be conducted by the employer or His/her authorized representative. We arrange his/her/their accommodation, transport and all other logistic Support required for the purpose. In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of worker, we normally Support required for the purpose. In case we are entrusted with the selection & testing of worker, we normally Do it with the help of a team of experts for technical & professional categories under direct supervision of our Professional executives in our state of the art Trade Test Center. Testing facilities for complex engineering functions are also available at our Training Center premises in Khilkhat , Dhaka, in adherence to the most
Modern processes and techniques in use at the time.


Amco prides itself in the quality of the workforce it supplies and in order to retain the high levels we maintain that our trade testing process is constantly modified and adapted with the needs and requirements of various professional fields.

  • Web Based workers Management System

Here in Amco , We maintain a custom built web based project Management application software in which our partners (Employers, stakeholders of the project etc.) can observe the progress of the processing work of each individual as it happens. We constantly are updating the file of each worker on our management Application system. Once a project is inked, we provide the employer with an user id and password to access the system.


  • Documentation

Amco also assumes the responsibility of accumulating the necessary documents of the applicants or candidates. Documents such as passport copy, visa copy, Bio-data, photograph, health certificate, academic qualification certificates, employment contract, and other necessary documents are collected for proper representation to the clients. Each worker is deployed with his/her own personal file which usually has the above documents. Amco also acquires necessary permissions from relevant government agencies and legal Institutions.


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