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AMCO Enterprise Limited is one of the leading Government approved Manpower Agencies in Bangladesh with License No. RL-1537, registered under the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare & Overseas Employment which facilitates professionally managed outflow of work force from Bangladesh to overseas destinations. AMCO was founded by a highly experienced professional, With sincerity & integrity in the manpower sector with the hard work of countless creative and dedicated staff members, the tireless efforts of a world-class support team and the undying customer loyalty with a vision to create a quality outlet for addressing the ever growing international demand for skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers in the overseas development manpower supply in Middle Eastern. We maintain excellent database to provide international placements in all major spheres of environment. We have experienced staff members with extensive working knowledge of the international industries.AMCO is a member of Bangladesh Association of International Recruiting Agencies (BAIRA). AMCO has already expanded the business in Qatar, UAE, K.S.A, Malaysia, Iraq, Bahrain, Oman, Brunei and proceeding further to all over the world.

Bangladesh is small country with a huge number of populations and it is even more increasing day by day. So it is literally not possible for the country to provide all its potential manpower with proper scope. Consequently, to support our people by providing employment opportunities and thus transforming them into active manpower, we expedite recruiting manpower abroad through AMCO Enterprise Ltd.

At AMCO, we leverage our unparalleled expertise of professional recruitment principles, along with a deep understanding of local and international manpower recruitment process, to provide comprehensive HR services and recruitment solutions that maximize our manpower potentials. These services revolve around AMCO’s proven global competencies.

Our Mission and Objective have led us to deliver the best service to our Clients in recruitment consultancy and other related services. Within a very short span of time, we have supplied more than thousand human resources in various major organizations in the mid-eastern region for their ongoing projects.


Whether it's helping an unemployed youth to join the workforce, or finding an engineer a job abroad, our reward comes from knowing that we make a real difference - today and in the future. Because of our relationships with both employers and individuals, we are uniquely positioned to determine where current and future skills gaps are, identify people who need help engaging with the workforce, and develop solutions that bring these two groups together, mutually benefiting both. In this way, we function as a "bridge" to employment for many who would otherwise be unemployed. As a dynamic and genuine Manpower Recruiting Agent, our organized network which spans throughout Bangladesh has given us opportunity to provide our clients the very best of highly skilled and professional workers. Our technical team actively upgrade our outsourcing network gradually thus produces quality skilled workers, through proper trade test, and training, to meet the ever growing demand of our clients.

Meeting with Clients

sliderWe talk with your client in the initial meeting and try to collect all necessary informations from them. We use their data to provide best job for them. This meeting is very important to us and we try to collect all client requirements. This helps us to work more comfortably for our clients.

Planning to Execute

sliderWe discuss with our team members about the client meeting. Then we plan to execute the service for them. You can check the "How we works" page to get necessary information about our work process. This will help you knowing about our work process and get all necessary information.

Execute the Process

sliderWe do another meeting, show the improvements and offers from us. If they agree, we move forward and proceed the work. This is the basic steps, but you can know more about our work process from our work page. This will give you a detailed idea about our work process.

Work Complete & Delivery

sliderWhen everything complete, we deliver the work to client. We further discuss all the process and steps they should complete. If our client demand anything or they have any confusion, we try to fulfill that and satisfy them as well. So you should check the work page carefully.

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