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  • Validation of Proper Documentation

Unlike other recruiting agencies, we just don’t merely collect documents and assemble those in workers’ Personal file rather we make every effort to check the authenticity of those documents on our behalf. For an Instance we check the authenticity of educational papers with education boards and verify police records to Make sure the worker deployed from our agency has clean records.


  • Medical Checkup

After a candidate has passed the first stage of selection the worker/candidate is sent for medical checkup In modern and authorized medical center of the respective embassies of the country of employment. These Medical facilities maintain strict adherence to international standards. Amco looks into the matter strictly that every personnel positioned in the client’s corporation and organization is in sound physical and mental state. For Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, prospective workers are required to undergo medical check-up at GAMCA approved medical centers as required by law. Amco has recently opened up its own Medical Center to accommodate the need for the medical examination of the work force traveling abroad. Medical center is well equipped with all modern equipment’s necessary for smooth operation. It is run by well known professionals in Medicine and Pathology. A group of Specialist Doctors are supervising the activities and continuously improving the health care facilities provided to the patients. Our workers usually undergo following check-ups:

  • Routine Urine Test
  • HBsAg, TPHA, HIV, Anti-HCV
  • RBS, S Bilirubin, SGPT, SGOT, Creatine, Cholesterol
  • Widal Test
  • X-Ray, TB
  • Application and Receipt of Visa

On behalf of the selected candidates, Amco applies for the visa in the respective embassy as Authorized by the employer. For countries like UAE, Qatar, Oman-we send complete set of documents so that Our clients can submit those for visa at their respective ministries of that particular countries for processing.

Upon receipt of visa AMCO:

    • Will match the employment contract with the final contract clause to protect the rights of the employees.
    • Will Prepare all documentation as per need
    • Will Process medical clearance from our Qatar visa Medical Center
    • Will collect his/her police clearance certificates.
    • Soft skill set development. We strongly believe that an employee should be articulate enough to be Presentable at work premises. We work with them about the necessary soft skills development before their deployment.


  • Ticketing and Emigration

The employer may send PTA or remit necessary traveling expenses in favor of Amco  to facilitate Traveling as scheduled. We obtain emigration clearance from the concerned government department for the candidates.

  • Departure

In tandem with orientation, our own IATA approved travel agency is then directed to reserve seats for the Reported workers. Employers are required to send the flight confirmation & PTA in favor of us to facilitate the selected workers

  • Flight Schedule:

Flight details in an advance at least 24 hrs, will be furnished to the (clients) employer in order to enable to Arrange necessary pick up for the traveling workers.

  • Deployment Schedule:

Upon deployment, we instantly confirm our clients via e-mail / fax by sending deployment message so that they May pick up the workers in due time.

  • Follow up

Our work does not end after deployment of the workers. We make sure our workers are received by the Company representative at the airport on time. We follow up with our client that our workers are employed and Match their requirements. Should there be any crisis situation regarding job cuts, shedding of employees, we Negotiate with both employer and employees to reach a common platform where both parties can win.

  • Repatriating:

If the recruited workers are proved to be unfit due to lack of medical fitness or due to lack of skills at their Respective trades, we usually replace the worker at our cost or we act in accordance with agreement made Between concerned parties.

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